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wikipage: Data Presentation (Electronic Texts)

Specific tools for manipulating data into formats for publication are mentioned elsewhere (Querying and Analysis of Data) and these include ANASTASIA, TuStep and EDITION. [read more...]

wikipage: Electronic Publication (Electronic Texts)

As with many activities related to scholarly research, the production of electronic editions and archives - and the associated focus on technologies to assist with that process - has been closely (tho [read more...]

wikipage: Data Capture (Electronic Texts)

As detailed in one of the other working papers in this series (Tools and Methods for Historical Research) digital methods for the bulk [read more...]

wikipage: The Status of Electronic Publishing (Electronic Texts)

The emergence of Web 2.0 applications has focused attention on an area that might be defined as a many-to-many publishing model, which includes such activities as collaborative tagging, shared resourc [read more...]

wikipage: Data Preparation (Electronic Texts)

Using XML (Extensible Markup Language) encoding to add descriptive value to digitised textual material is perhaps about as commonplace an activity throughout humanities computing as word processing is [read more...]

wikipage: Querying and Analysis of Data (Electronic Texts)

The range of functionality that TuStep (TUebingen System of Text Processing Programs - offers makes it the ideal candidate to begin a section de [read more...]